The easiest to install, ultralight and powerful e-bike conversion kit

For clever people searching a lightweight whilst powerful
e-bike with clever features


With the Gboost E-bike conversion kit you transform your bicycle into an e-bike in no time, whilst keeping the best of both worlds: 

  • A powerful e-bike: Feeling the pure fun, power & no sweating whilst being hardly noticeable and silent
  • A normal bicycle: So light weight and no fear of running out of battery, thus it is not breaking the slightest when disengaged.


  • You would like to ride more often your bicycle but there is this one hill on your way which takes out all the fun
  • You want to keep your bike but also like to enjoy e-bike power-boost 
  • You love to keep your light weight bicycle feeling and you don’t like heavy E-bikes 

We have your ideal solution…

With a Gboost Kit installed on your bicycle you decide anytime, when and where to use your bike as a normal bicycle or to use it with motor assistance.

You can:

  • Drive up the hill without effort
  • Drive to work without sweating and exercise on your way home in bicycle mode
  • Enjoy cycling tours with your usually faster cycling partner



  • Ultra-light: less than a 1kg !
  • Full ebike-power up to 800 W (the Gold version is limited to EU legal limits) 
  • Keep “Real pure cycling mode”  with no breaking force whilst riding non assisted
  • Can recover energy and recharge battery rolling downhill (motor works than as a dynamo)
  • High reliability, thus designed for the daily heavy use (motor is fully closed & sealed, double bearings and more…)
  • The only really silent friction drive which you can buy today
  • Fast and easy installation (no special tools needed, just one screw for the motor unit, no external senors needed)
  • Configure each of 5 assistance modes (speed & power) to your liking  (with Phone app; Patin-version: +32km/h limit)
  • Higher efficiency leading to longer ranges   (with same battery seize and assistance)
  • Internal Pedal Sensor, with no need of magnet disk or extra battery powered wireless sensor (less failure-risk) 
  • Works even with buckled wheel  ( thus of the motor-tire pressure regulation) 
  • Compatible with all seizes of bikes (same unit can be mounted on 20″ up to 29″ wheel seize bikes)
  • Works also with no accessories installed on the steering bar if you want a clean simple even faster installation
  • Competitive price performance


"...I have to say, it's a lot of fun to drive with the electric "tailwind"! I am also really surprised how quiet the gboost is, actually not really audible, top ! "
S. Lachnit
"...We have a big hill on our way home, which kept us from using our bikes. With the Gboost we have it all. Keeping our normal light agile bicycles in the city and enjoy the power of a e-bike on our tough hill riding back home. It's so much fun and so healthy, too..."
Dr. A. Fleischmann
"...I'm using the Gboost V2 since 2011 for my daily commute to work. Even in winter with snow and salt. The specially sealed motor is still running strong."
A. Imhof

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Get the bluetooth the telephone app functionality for free.

So you can customize your assistance settings with simple sliders 
for an
even more pleasant driving experience!

July 2024 Gboost Stock Update

We have Gboosts V8 kits in stock.  

We can ship new orders within 3 -7 working days as usual.
Please note that the 250Wh and 375Wh batteries are on back order

We wish you epic rides filled with joy and unforgettable moments on your trusty bike! 🚲

Your Gboost-Team