Innovation Day in Grenoble (France)

Innovation Day in Grenoble (France)

For this 7th edition of  Innovation Day in Grenoble (France), organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, EBL France had the opportunity to participate and expose his electric kit system (motor and battery) GBoost Bike on 2 exhibition bikes : a mountain folding bike and a folding city bike. We were also part of the 12 finalists for the ceremony award which represented the category “start up”, innovative usage and chemistry-environment / eco-innovation.

At the end of the day, three prizes were awarded: 2 prizes worth of € 2,000 each were awarded by the Banque Populaire des Alpes and the latter included an individual and personalised support from a law firm within the limit of 15 000 €.

The first awarded category was the start up: The company Lancey , which designed, developed and marketed an electric heating system with battery, got this award.

innovation day lancey

The 2nd prize was awarded for the “innovative use”, in other terms the innovation that puts users first. Zeemono won this title. Zeemono is specialized in the field of sport, more specifically for choosing a monitor or guide, by offering a personal choice of a monitor or guide according to the expectations and specific of the customers’ needs.

innovation day zeemono

Finally, the last prize was awarded to Tenevia for the chemistry and environment / eco-innovation category. Tenevia provides environmental datas in order to offer new tools for the environmental monitoring. innovation day tenevia

We hope to see you next year for Innovation Day which has kept all its promises!

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