[NEWS]: Gboost offers you 3 types of batteries!

In order to satisfy every need and use, Gboost expands its battery range and present to you 2 brand new batteries! The original battery will still be available in our store via our website.

Here are the main characteristics regarding each battery:

IMG_56 Capture d’écran 2016-08-01 à 09.12.51

The “Long Range” is our most powerful battery. With its 43V, it offers you a power of  376Wh, which provides a self-sufficiency up to 75km during intensive use. Compared to the previous version, the holder has been updated and improved in order to be more defined and discret to the eye, as you can see in the picture below.

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Despite its elongated shape (30 centimetres long), the battery is very light-weight for such high performances (2,2kg). Recharging time, on the other hand, takes a little more time than the other batteries, as it goes up to 4h20 for a full charge. However, you will not need to recharge the battery as often as the others for its autonomy is greater. > More details

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The Compact battery was designed for those whose priorities are discretion and the lightness of the styleHence, its self-sufficiency is less significant than the Standard (50km), but the battery remains extremely light-weight (1,7kg) and its charging time is fairly quick (2h40for a full charge). Its power is of 251Wh. > More details

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Our last but not least battery was designed to be able to adapte itself to any bike ! Indeed, some city bikes  have a frame that does not work with typical batteries. That is why, we are introducing the “Universal battery” ! A self-adaptable battery that secures itself onto the saddle tube, just underneath the saddle.  Furthermore, the battery is very performant, thanks to its 313Wh of power, which provides a self-sufficiency up to 60km and is relatively light-weight :1,8kg. However, the only downside is its charging time that goes up to 5h20 for a full charge. > More details

Still hesitating or missing information ? Take a look at our comparison matrix in order to make the best choice for you !