Ranking of the most Cycling-Friendly cities in France !

With rising urbanization, our cities need modern mobility solutions, and moving around on two wheels proves time. Our ranking of the most cycling-friendly cities in France finds that bikes are taking the nation by storm—and not just in the expected places. Read on to find out how your city fared this year !

Cycling-Friendly cities in France !

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Our countdown of the friendliest cities for urban cycling continues! These 5 cities might not be re-inventing the wheel, but they excel in encouraging locals and travelers alike to get out, hop on a bike and ride, ride, ride!

The ranking is therefore the following






Here are the criterias taken into account for the ranking:

  • Cycling facilities:  safe bicycle storage facilities and information systems for cyclists.
  • Bike rental : urban bicycles, number of subscribers, touring bike, etc.
  • Docking stations and safety : numbers of stations, secure parking areas, etc.
  • Advocacy, infrastructure, social acceptance and modal share to create a bike-friendly city

#1 – Strasbourg
Strasbourg has grown to become the biggest bicycle-friendly city in France and earned the title of the Capital of cycling !  It’s one of its kind in France, with about 300,000 bicycles and more than 19,00 docking stations (an average of one every 300 metres). Bicycling comprise 15 percent of all trips in the city. Next project in line is the “Bicycle highway” for 2020.

#2 – Bordeaux
Bordeaux comes in second ! If you’re looking for a French city with good cycling, good sights, and good wine, then visit Bordeaux. Thanks to the new tram networks, the city benefits from calmer traffic making it agreeable to cycle from point A to point B – especially if you use the city’s bike share system.  Bordeaux has more than 560 km of cycle paths and bike lanes along with considerate drivers thanks to the speed limit within the city, which makes it particularly enjoyable to explore by bike. Bicycle hire stores abound, and the streets are easy to navigate. In Bordeaux, just remember to not drink and ride!

#3 – Toulouse
Third in line: Toulouse. with 490 km of cycle paths and 15% of its roadwork designed for bikes, Toulouse comes in third in our ranking. The city counts today more than 3 000 docking stations. Thanks to its developments, the Pink City might rise up to the second place.

#4 – Nantes
Nantes, World’s Bike Capitale  in 2013, ranks in fourth place. Nowadays, Nantes lacks in km of bicycle path and roadwork developments. It’s « Good but not great ». Nevertheless, Nantes is currently focusing its work in developing a friendly bicycle environment all over the city!

#5 – Grenoble
Our biggest crush ! Even though the city is surrounded by mountains, Grenoble happens to be very flat, which boosts cycling! Moreover, the city has developed 1/4th of its lanes to ease the use of bikes. Bonus: the city hosts the startup  EBL France and its system Gboost !

Cycle safely and think Gboost !