Gboost V8 2024 Ebike System Kit

Silent and efficient high performance motor
500-800 watts, 25-35 km/h
Ultra light to keep the light bicycle like handling
The easiest kit to install on the market, EU Street legal*

Original price was: 699,00 €.Current price is: 679,00 €.

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    » Batterie set

    (100W charger and battery holder with key lock included)


    » Display

    » Bluetooth App functionality

    » Upgrade to Platin

    Unleash extra power to 800W  and extra speed to +35km/h


Gboost motor system:

  • Unbelievable Power for such a small and lightweight motor
Gboost Motor Options
Gold Platin
Max Power 500W 800W
Max Speed 25 km/h 35 km/h
Street legal EU EU**    USA***

** The Platin version can be configured back anytime into EU street legal Gold limits, through entering your password again in the Phone App.  !!!Please note: if it is set to Platin limits it is not street legal in Europe, only on private properties !!!
*** In some states you need to limit to 20mph = 32km/h

  • High efficiency motor for maximum range. The Gboost V8 gives you more range than the well-known bottom bracket motors, whilst the same battery size and power assistance on typical routes.
  • Ultra Silent motor even at high power modes. => people will not know when your motor is on whilst you drive by
  • Designed for long live and reliability
      • Fully sealed motor and connectors, so no sand or corrosion can damage the motor.
        (not open and exposed to dirt as some other e-bike systems-motors, whilst claiming being water-resistant)
      • 2 over-seized bearings on each motor side, especially designed to take the load of pressing onto the tire  (not with just one small bearing on only one side of the motor as some other e-bike system-motors, long time usage will tell…)
      • Fully sealed connectors, so no risk of corroding contacts, even after many years of usage
      • Patented Integrated Pedal sensor    (no need for external sensible hall sensors or battery operated Bluetooth sensors)
      • Remote troubleshooting and maintenance over the phone app together with your skilled support team
  • No slipping Motor whilst keeping the best efficiency and range, thus of the patented motor to tire pressure regulation.
    The motor presses only as strong as needed into the tire to prevent slipping for each power situation, whilst not pressing with a full fixed force all the time.
  • Latest generation smart controller now handling up to 800 Watts, with Bluetooth low energy connectivity
  • A real pure bicycle mode.  You can fully disengage the motor from the tire and drive as a normal bicycle with no friction force whatsoever. Feel the light normal bicycle handling and have no fear to run out of battery, thus you can always cycle home.
  • Remote lever option for the handle bar to fully disengage or engage the motor whilst driving and keep the speed and energy engaging in a hill.
  • Remote control display option unit to choose between 5 assistance modes whilst driving and see the battery voltage level
  • Bluetooth App option to change speed- & power- limits
  • Unlimited Assistance levels (thus each assistance mode can be configured by you via sliders in the phone app)
  • Fast and easy installation,
    No need for external Pedal Assist Sensor and magnet disc installation and no special tools needed
    (We need  5-10 mins to install to a bike, whilst you should be easily able to do it in 30-60 mins at the first time)
  • Updated design geometries, fits now even:
    • in narrow mounting spaces (eg. road racing bikes or fitness bikes)
    • large tire wide frames
    • If you have a real special bike, on request, we can then make special easy to mount adapters for your situation

Gboost battery system:

  • Stylish “all black” battery design
  • Drink bottle design : easy and fast fixation at the water screw bottle holes 5 mins
    or with clamps if there are no holes in your bike frame
  • Battery Management System for optimal charging and battery-life
  • On / Off switch on battery
  • LED battery charge level indicator
  • Key lock to protect your battery from criminal thefts
  • High density cells of the latest generation
  • 90 Watts Charger (220 V/110 V)
  • Universal frame holder, compatible with any frame (with available adapters)
  • No need for specific cable lengths configurations, thus the connector cable is extendable from 25 cm to 86 cm length  to fit on any bike frame or even into a carrier bag.
  • Tension     : 43,2 V

Choose from 3  different battery options depending on your range needs:

Gboost Batterie Options
Smart Long range Ultra
Energy 250  Wh 375 Wh 453 Wh
Range* ~ 50 km ~ 73 km ~ 91 km
Weight 1,6 kg 2,3 kg 2,3 kg
Dimensions Ø/L 85/235 mm 85/285 mm 85/285 mm

* based on a realistic 5 Wh/km, depends also on riders weight and cycling style as well tires,  less for high power and high speed modes