Platinum Gboost V8 2021 Ebike System Kit (without Battery)

« Extra speed,  extra power and phone connectivity »

Smart controller and silent operation

500 watts, +32 km/h speed

(System without battery to complete with a 43V-48V battery of your choice, or save now 149€ and choose one of our bundles)



  • Power: up to 800 Watts
  • Max assistance speed +35 km/h*   
  • Sealed and designed for long life
  • High efficiency motor for maximum range
  • Next generation smart controller
  • Low motor noise in power mode (people will not even know when your motor is on)
  • Unlimited Assistance levels
  • Bluetooth App to change speed- & power- limits
  • Max speed limit 35 km/h (for private non public streets use only)
  • Faster, easier and more universal installation
    (Thus No need for external Pedal Assist Sensor and magnet disc installation and special adapters possible)
  • Modern design
  • Suggested Battery: 43-48 Volt with an on-off switch

System without battery  to complete with battery of your choice, or save now 149€ and choose one of our bundles.

*in EU-Countries for use on private non public streets use only, max speed depending on battery voltage