[TUTORIAL] : How to change the adhesive tape of the motor?

[TUTORIAL] : How to change the adhesive tape of the motor?

In this first tutorial, we will explain to you how to change the adhesive tape of your motor once it is too used. This replacement is part of the motor maintenance.

Let’s First begin by making a list of all the equipment you will need:

  • A new adhesive tape
  • A hair dryer
  • A rag dampened in hot water

We will now see the different stages and the process to follow in order to replace your adhesive tape:

1 – Remove the battery
For your safety, we highly recommend to remove the battery before any handling of the motor to avoid activating it by error.

2 – Pull up the motor
Put the motor high up in order to have a 5mm space between the tyre and the motor. This will help facilitating any handling.

3 – Put the bike upside down
Once more, this will help to manipulate and handle the motor.
retourner le vélo





4) Remove the adhesive tape by using the hair dryer
With the hair dryer, warm up the adhesive tape in order to unstick it from the motor.
décollage bande de roulement

5) Clean the surface of the motor
With a rag dampened in hot water, clean the surface of the motor to make it as smooth as possible. Thus, the new tape will stick easier and you will not find small bumps which might reduce the efficiency of the motor.
Nettoyage moteur

6) Stick your new adhesive tape
Cut the correct size of the tape, remove the protective film or the protection of the tape and stick it to the motor.
moteur + bande


Make sure you have checked that the tape is well aligned with the tyre and verify that there is no space between the beginning and the end of the tape(see picture below).

vérification bande roulement


astuceTip: If you change your grip tape during winter, choose a tape with big coarses, but if you do it in summer we recommend using one with small coarses. This will help improve the performance and lasting of your tape.